How do we grade our records?

We use the Goldmine Standard when grading our records, with a few exceptions. Sometimes we will use EX as a grade between VG+ and NM. EX usually indicates that there may be a few superficial flaws. Upon initial inspection the item may look NM but at very close inspection superficial flaws are present. NM is almost always the highest grade. Sealed records may be graded as M by some vendors but we know that used records can be resealed and that flaws exist in new records. If we list a factory sealed record as M/M it is because there are no apparent flaws and the disk is presumed to be M. Most people would be very happy with VG+ records and we try to stock this grade or higher. We try to playtest as many records as we can but some may be visually graded only. If you receive a record from us that you believe to be mis-graded please contact us asap. If you have any specific questions about any record we have listed please contact us before making your purchase. For more on the Goldmine Standard check out the link below.